5 Features of Bamboo We Have to Know

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The bamboo branches are tall, slender, and green, so they are loved by people. At present, there are more than 1,200 kinds of bamboo, and the use of bamboo is very extensive. Bamboo products (especial bamboo homewares)are often used in our lives, and there are bamboo figures from eating to use. Let us see what uses bamboo in life:

A: For eating

The edible parts of bamboo are simple in childhood, mainly represented by bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots. China’s excellent bamboo shoots for bamboo shoots include the bamboo in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the green bamboo in the Pearl River basin and North of Fujian. Bamboo shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, calcium, iron, vitamins, fiber, etc., they are an excellent health food.

B: Ornamental Value

There are large and small bamboo forests all over China, in addition to producing bamboo shoots, as well as making dried bamboo shoots. Some can also be enjoyed by people, especially in the bamboo forest, it will be refreshing, close to nature, and breathe fresh air. However, the common ornamental bamboos are: scattered type of purple bamboo, Maozhu (Moso bamboo), Guizhu, Fangzhu, etc.; Buddhism-type Buddha belly bamboo, filial bamboo etc.; mixed-type bamboo, tea pole bamboo etc.so the purpose of bamboo has a very high ornamental value.

C: Uses in Daily Life

In fact, the whole bamboo is a precious: Some can eat, some can be watched, and the most import is: They can be made into many household items in life, such as: bamboo cutting boards, bamboo serving trays, bamboo drawer organizers, bamboo holders, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo toothpicks, bamboo bowls, bamboo spoons, forks, knives, bamboo skewers, bamboo mats, bamboo beds, bamboo storage boxes, bamboo chairs, bamboo racks, bamboo shelves, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo hangers etc. Of course, there are bamboo stools, bamboo tables, bamboo chairs, fish fishing rods, bamboo brooms, bamboo poles. Bamboo baskets, bamboo quilts, etc.

D: Arts & Craft products

In addition, bamboo can also be made into many arts & crafts, such as: bamboo wind chimes, bamboo carvings, bamboo weaving products (baskets, umbrellas, etc.), bamboo sunglasses, bamboo musical instruments, bamboo tissue boxes, bamboo office organizer, bamboo writing brushes, bamboo tea boxes, bamboo reading racks etc., so The uses of bamboo can be described as inexhaustible.

E: Building materials

Although many people will find it very doubtful, most of the building materials are made of iron and other materials. The use of bamboo is less, but it is not complete. There are many building material plywood, bamboo flooring is also made of bamboo and used frequently.
Most people’s impressions of bamboo products are like bamboo chopsticks, bamboo steamers, bamboo baskets, etc. The high-tech products made of bamboo do not know much. In fact, there are many high-tech bamboo products that we have encountered in our lives. We hope that everyone can get to know more about the benefits of bamboo.

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