Effective Maintaining Methods for Bamboo Products

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As an eco-friendly product, bamboo houseware is now more and more popular in the world. Thus question comes out: How to maintain these bamboo household items?

  1. Keep dry and ventilated: Bamboo houseware/furniture should be placed in a dry place. If it is placed in a damp or dark place, it will breed microorganisms and be prone to mildew. For large bamboo furniture such as bookshelves, it is necessary to clean and rinse it with water before drying. If it is not used,  the bamboo furniture should be stored in a dry and ventilated place after cleaned & dried.
  2. When you are using it the first time, please do not pour boiling water directly, so as to avoid cracking inside and outside the bamboo due to uneven heat. Please do not store the accumulated water on the bamboo homeware for a long time, because the bamboo is afraid of long-term blisters. Clean it with soft cool water;  Clean & dry the bamboo household items after using every time.
  3. Do not wash them in the dishwasher.
  4. For some small bamboo furniture, such as bamboo storage shelf, bamboo towel rack, bamboo shoe bench, etc: You can apply varnish to prevent sputum and improve the durability and keep it beautiful when you buy them.
  5. Bamboo contains sugar that can be used by mold, starch as a nutrient source, related molds have a sizing enzyme, cellulose mold, can be decomposed and utilized, bamboo products are porous structure, it is easy to absorb moisture and other causes of mold growth products mold. Often rubbing with light saltwater may prevent mold. The mildew is also caused by too much moisture in the storage place. Thoroughly clean the moldy bamboo products, be sure to wash the molds without leaving any trouble. Put the cleaned bamboo houseware in the sun for drying, be sure to dry it completely without any water, otherwise, it will be moldy again, Meanwhile, do not over-exposure, if the water lost too much, the bamboo products will crack and deformed. Store dried bamboo products in a dry and ventilated place, and do not place them in a humid, closed environment.

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