The Reasons why Bamboo Houseware is Sold Well in the World

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Green is the color of nature and the symbol of our life. However, the development of the economy has driven the rhythm of deforestation, which has led to a shortage of wood material in the market. So the major manufacturers are racking their brains to seek products that win the attention of users, not only to protect the nature, but also to meet consumers’ demands, so as to get profit. Thus BAMBOO has become their first choice.  The reason is as simple as: Bamboo houseware/furniture is loved by consumers because of its abundant raw materials, natural environmental protection, low price, and wonderful design.

Because of its good hardness and toughness and environmental protection, which make the bamboo with smooth surface be a new low-carbon industry,  bamboo houseware is an ideal furniture material to replace solid wood,  and it has obvious effects on the protection of forests. Then let’s take a look at the special features of the bamboo household items:

1, Fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant: The color of bamboo is natural, elastic, moisture-proof and of high hardness. The texture of bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, and the color is elegant, soft and warm, which is beneficial to human vision and can reduce the occurrence of myopia.

2, Can reduce noise. Bamboo itself has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation, lowering sound pressure and shortening the residual time.

3, Green and environmentally friendly, natural materials: Eco-friendly/environmental protection is synonymous with today’s society, and bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, anti-static, warm in winter and cool in summer. Good for our health. Especially after deep carbonization,  bamboo homeware furniture will not change color for a very long time, thus it can enhance the absorption of harmful gases in our house.

4, High-temperature carbonization: bamboo has high strength and toughness. It is completely sterilized by high-temperature cooking, which is different from the traditional other wood furniture process,  it fundamentally prevents insects and enzymes. Strict controlled of high pressure and water content, bamboo crafts and other scientific processes ensure that bamboo furniture surpasses solid wood in preventing cracking and deformation.

5, Bamboo grows very fast and has grown old in five years,  which is an environmentally friendly plant can be used. Therefore, bamboo growers and the government want to use bamboo instead of other solid wood and plastic in a wide occasions. According to industry experts, plastic products are very cheap and can be used for a long time, but they are not environmentally friendly. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, and there is no need to add any chemicals when making bamboo products. In addition, the growth of bamboo does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides, but also absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BAMBOO is the ANGEL & EXPERT for environmental protection.

The bamboo industry combines good ecological, economic and social benefits. There is no reason that we refuse to buy and use eco-friendly bamboo houseware furniture.

So let us find what kinds of bamboo products nowadays we are manufacturing & using :

Because the previous level of craftsmanship is relatively low, bamboo has few other uses besides burning fire. With the advent of high technology in recent years, bamboo has become gorgeous and has become more and more widely used in food, accessories, home, construction, etc:

For food: Bamboo shoots and the dried bamboo shoots are so delicious: Bamboo shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, fats, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C. The dried bamboo shoots have bright yellow color and tender flesh. They are rich in trace elements such as protein, cellulose and amino acids. The characteristics of low fat, low sugar, and multi-dietary fiber are helpful for food and appetizing. It can increase appetite, cool and poison, and is popular with consumers for pure natural health food.

Accessories: There are bamboo fiber clothing, including socks, shirts, underwear; bamboo baskets, bamboo handbags, bamboo earrings, bamboo sunglasses, bamboo watches, etc.

Bamboo Houseware:   A: Kitchenware & accessories: Bamboo cutting board, bamboo serving tray, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo toothpick, bamboo drawer organizer, bamboo plate, bamboo pizza board, bamboo cheese boards, bamboo mats, bamboo knives, forks, spoons, bamboo straws, bamboo tissue holders, bamboo board holders etc; B: Bathroom accessories: Bamboo bath mats, bamboo storage shelves, bamboo towel racks, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo combs, bamboo bathtub caddies, bamboo wall shelves, bamboo cosmetic boxes, bamboo soap holders, bamboo toilet benches; C: Office organizer: Bamboo storage boxes,  bamboo cellphone holders, bamboo ashtrays, bamboo pencil holders, bamboo magazine holders, bamboo monitor raisers, bamboo waste paper boxes, bamboo documents trays; D: For daily use: Bamboo tea boxes, bamboo shoes racks, bamboo reading-books holders QR code brackets, bamboo books holder, bamboo sunglasses box, bamboo flower pot holder, bamboo chairs,  bamboo coffee tables etc.

For construction: We can see more and more bamboo flooring, bamboo fences, bamboo room divider, bamboo housing, etc.

Choose the bamboo homeware, enjoy your green life.

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